How To Set Up Google Analytics For The First Time

In the above video, I show you how to set up google analytics account and get your tracking ID for the first time. I’ve transcribed the video below.

So now we’re going to set up an analytics account. This is if you haven’t already got an analytics account set up for your website.

So we just go to And it should come to this page, if you haven’t already got a Google Analytics account in under that email.

There’s this place to sign up here. So we just clicked sign up. And you want to create an account. We’re already logged in as our normal gmail account. So it just comes to this screen.

So we just want to a website. And we just, again, create an account name was gonna do demo account again. And the website is I just call the I call the property the domain name, just so I don’t get confused. And again, we put the address in here.

So I call the property name, the web address, and the website URL is of course, the web address as well.

Then we just need to select a category, it doesn’t really matter what the category is, we can just choose something that seems to work for what we’re doing online community seems okay.

I normally change the reporting timezone to my own timezone, but you can leave it at where most of your customers live, if that’s what you prefer. I like to change mine to be my own timezone. So I can see what’s going on in my own timezone. And I’m in Australia, in Adelaide.

Now, these, these checkboxes here, I normally select them, again, really just to help Google out to create a better service for us. So once we’ve checked all those boxes, you don’t have to, you can read through those and see what you’d like to, you know what you’d like to share with Google. But I always click all those boxes. And then we check, get tracking ID. And, of course, we need to agree to the terms of service. And I just choose my country and accept the terms of service.

Once we’ve done that, we will find whoops we’ll find that we do have this tracking ID and also a script down here, which is what you could put on your website if you were going the long way around.

But we just need this tracking ID for when we add it to the Google Tag Manager. And I’m going to show you that in a later video.

If you are using Google Tag Manager, you just need the Analytics ID. If you want to add the full pixel code to your website, you will need to add it to the <head> section of every page of your website. Please see this post where I suggest a plugin that will allow you add the code to your wordpress site, and some tools to check that the code is firing when visitors browse you website.

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