Useful Tools For Setting Up Tracking For Your Website on WordPress

The secret to making the most of the visitors to your site is having all the right ‘tags’, ‘codes’ and ‘pixels’ installed…

How do you organise all those pesky codes? Don’t worry Google Tag Manager has you covered… it is easy (I promise), and here are just some of the Jedi smarts Google Tag Manager will give you:

  • One code to rule them all – You will be using just one tiny piece of code to manage all your third party codes/tags/pixels
  • Speed – your site will work at the speed of a light sabre
  • Even Jedi’s lose things in their Jedi handbags – with Google tag manager all your codes are in the one place – easily find, edit or delete whenever you need to (you will always have full control)
  • No more messy plugins required (they slow your site down)
  • One time install (yay)
  • One Container Code includes your Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics tracking ID plus include your favourite code from any advertising platform or third party service as well

You can use this header and footer plugin to pop in your code – Install the plugin onto your WordPress site, grab the code from Google Tag Manager and pop it in.

Is your tracking working? These tools will set your mind at rest – they tell you everything is working fine: